Brian J. Pinkowski

Professional Background

Brian Pinkowski facilitates finance development for public and private sector international projects, as well as providing legal and consulting services for international businesses and governments.

His finance development work is focussed on assisting government and private firms in securing funding for large scale infrastructure and humanitarian projects.  Project values range from $500 Million to $5 Billion. His work centers on infrastructure and humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

He also brings experience as a manager of projects valued at more than $850 million of dollars, and negotiation experience with hundreds of private and government officials across the globe. 

Brian is the recipient of the Vice President’s Award for Reinventing Government for his ability to bring groups together to accomplish mutually beneficial community solutions. He has  counseled governments locally and internationally and is skilled in handling complex legal and regulatory issues.

Internationally, Brian has provided project leadership or legal work for a variety of International Development Agencies. His work has included the following roles:

·       Chief of Party for a USAID Anticorruption Program in East Timor that supported the country’s unprecedented 30-point improvement on TI’s Corruption Perception Index, a 2,000 % increase in corruption prosecutions and substantial improvement in the performance of the key corruption fighting institutions.

His work included training support to the Office of the Prosecutor General and financial investigators working in anticorruption (financial crimes), Anti-money Laundering/Combatting Terrorist Financing and the global Financial Action Task Force and cross jurisdictional evidence gathering and asset seizure.  He received personal recommendation letters from the Prosecutor General, Superior Counsel, prosecutors and many others for his work there.

·       Prosecutions advisor for AUSAID, assisting the Office of Public Prosecutions in Solomon Islands supporting local prosecutors in war crimes and economic crimes cases and developing a case management system to assist national prosecutors with management of their work.

·       Anti-Corruption Advisor and Advisor to the Ministry of Legal Affairs Southern Sudan.

·       Regional Team Leader in Iraq on the USAID Local Governance Project. Activities included the Iraq Commission on Public Integrity, and as the Liaison to the US Embassy in governance, finance policy, and infrastructure capacity building with the Department of State and Department of Defense efforts in Rule of Law where his team received the Meritorious Honor Award from the US Ambassador.

·       Team Leader for a DfiD anti-corruption project in South Sudan.

·       Legal expert for the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Evaluation of the legal framework dealing with Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and livestock, focusing on both formal legal framework and customary law system.

·     Brian has also provided consulting to GIZ (the German Corporation for International Cooperation), and the Swedish Development Corporation on tourism and marketing.

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Brian is committed to community and serves as the President of the Residential Assisted Living National Association.

In a related post, Brian has served on the board of the Lutheran Medical Center Community Foundation responsible for funding and managing hospice facilities and the Lutheran Medical Center Properties in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. 

He has also served on the Board of the Colorado Foundation for Public Health and Environment and on the Board of the Rocky Mountain Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership. He has also been served as a Senior Fellow for Ethics and Environment at the Medical University of South Carolina and has served as a local elected official for a special tax district in Colorado.

Author of three books and several peer-reviewed publications addressing the challenges with governments and private and community interests, Brian specializes in resolving difficult situations in multiparty groups with complex and competing interests, and has been recognized for this work by the Vice President of the United States.  

He has received numerous commendations related to conflict resolution, communication, leadership, and project management of teams with highly diverse groups in contentious situations.


As an anticorruption and legal expert, Brian has spoken with several hundred groups in many countries, including the 7th Pan Africa Conference for Modernization of the Public Sector in Morocco as part of the US State Department’s Speakers’ Bureau, where Brian spoke about the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act on video for the U.S. Embassy in Rabat.

He has participated in numerous broadcasts, conferences, panel discussions regarding anticorruption, effective multi-party communication strategies and problem solving in politically contentious environmental disputes.

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